For some of us, there’s a longing. A calling. A need to write. And we fall short.

  • We stay busy and never write
  • We start things and don’t finish
  • We write and don’t sell
  • We thwart our desire to write with  compulsions – like overeating, drinking, overthinking, or shopping

You probably wouldn’t even call what you have “writer’s block.” Bec it is so blocked, so back-burnered that you think of it more as a silly notion that comes to mind, periodically. Do you think you should write a book or screenplay? Do you “scribble” and never do anything with your work? Do you work on other people’s ideas and wish you could get to yours?

If you wish to be a writer, write.

That sentiment was the mantra of my youth. I wanted to write, and for some reason, maybe I thought I needed permission, or a writing job that validated that desire. When I complained (and I did) people said If you wanna write, write.  At the time, I didn’t know it was the advice of Epictetus an ancient Greek philosopher, and I thought they were being kind of mean, like saying “shut up, go away, and just write.” But now my perspective on it is different. Its meaning is simpler, kinder. Just write. Find a way to get writing and keep writing, and your voice will develop. It was an advice for indulging your devotion, not a smack-down.

If you wish to write, and you aren’t writing, there’s probably a reason, NOT linked to your talent or lack thereof. It’s likely the mismatch between your creative strengths and where you are in the creative process.

You’re shutting down, without realizing it, and judging yourself (harshly) for not being able to do what “real” writers seem to be able to do, and “just write” isn’t sufficient advice.

If you consider yourself a “writer” at heart, but you just don’t get to the work that matters to you. Or you get it started and it stalls…. and stalls…. then help yourself out.

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