Do you toy with self-publishing? Or are you perhaps already self-pubbed? Amy Edelman has inside indie info that can help you build your readership. As a published author, former publicist and owner/founder of, she really knows the ins and outs of how+why to self-publish.

If you want to be read, you want to be distributed, you want to be good – then can help you. Some of the challenges faced by self-published authors include an unspoken stigma attached to self-pubbed books, getting reviews and publicity, and ultimately, distribution. Amy is a strong advocate for indie writers. She regularly calls various book reviewers and book sections to see if they are yet ready to review some of the bestselling indie books.

As she points out, several great books started out as self-pubbed that then made the leap to a traditional publisher and eventually to movies. Consider these fabulous and bestselling titles!

  • 50 Shades of Gray, by EL James
  • The Martian, by Andy Weir
  • Still Alice, by Lisa Genova

Can your book make it into libraries? Onto bookstore shelves? Amy gives us the cheat codes for many of those hurdles. Listen in now to my interview with Amy from the 2016 Storytellers Summit. Amy and I have both had books come out from traditional publishers and self-pubbed, so there is a lot of knowledge being swapped in this lively half hour.