Love what you do


Book review: The Crossroads of Should & Must – Find and Follow Your Passion by Elle Luna (Workman, 2015)

I love this little book, that came out from Workman Publishing this year.  It’s getting some big attention, too. Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) and Maria Popova ( gave it advance praise.  And even though its graphics are light and inviting, its message is deep and substantial. She asks the reader to dig in pretty deep. I know because twice while I was reading it (a 2-hour read, max) I had to fend off urges to go get ice cream.  Can you say challenging? This young and accomplished artist/entrepreneur can push you to live your boldest possible life.

love what you do

Last reason to love this book? It is NOT an unrealistic manifesto. It does not ask the reader to risk everything for passion. She asks the hard question that most cheerful cheerleaders studiously avoid.

“What if what I love to do doesn’t pay?”

She points out the Philip Glass – the great American composer – was also a plumber. Albert Einstein worked in a patent office. She’s not implying that you’re a loser if you don’t have the courage to walk away from your day job. She’s literally asking you to find a way to do both, in a comfortable balance, until your passion work pays.

I think this book is courageous, gorgeous and victorious. We should all get to do what we love. Enjoy.

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