Big-GirlPants. What does that phrase mean? Taking responsibility, showing up, determination and intent. Even leadership.

My business – Decoding Creativity – is just about 4 years old now, and I’m pulling on my big-girl pants. I feel some real grown-up pride for this new phase of my business. I’m out in California now, for almost a year, and I knew I’d be working with a different kind of writer – a lot more screenwriters, for instance – and different corporate clients. Here in Burbank and Hollywood – within a stone’s throw of my new office – are all the studios   in the US. All of them, WB, Disney, Nickelodeon and more, all right here.  And those lots and studios are honeycombed with writer’s rooms who need help and enlightenment about their creative process. With the new outlook, comes a new look.

Decoding Creativity has a new look … a new valuable free offer … and a new interactive FB group.

  • I’ve also opened a new FB group for writers come fly with us. Unlike my Decoding Creativity business page, this is interactive and a place for us to talk, seek help, share news and be vulnerable. I’ll be there most days, and we’ll have a thriving new writing community talking and thinking in terms of their creative process and how it’s serving (or sometimes sabotaging) them.
 I’m very happy to have built such a great online presence for Decoding Creativity because I want you to have a great place to connect with me and other writers who want to find out more about creativity and the creative process. People invest in their writing chops all the time. It is a more rarefied writer who knows to invest in his or her creativity and self-knowledge.
Decoding your Creativity is like getting a superpower. Who better to trust with superpowers than a writer? We’re the weirdos, the insightful, the empathetic people who tell stories, make people think… laugh… feel… come to life… come back to life.
Let me know what you think! The best place to interact is in the FB group – see you there!