themuseisinThe Muse Is In: An Owner’s Manual to Your Creativity, by Jill Badonsky, M.Ed.

Jill Badonsky’s facebook posts are often open-ended prompts like “three books you’d want on a desert island…” She works to inspire creativity in her everyday life.  These silly little prompts elicit 20 and sometimes 100 responses from her facebook friends who have, as a result of the prompt, ranged around in their brains to come up with a silly, funny or deep answer.

So why wouldn’t you want this lovely, whimsical book with you on a desert island – even if you were only allowed to have three?  You’re certainly going to need extensive access to your innate creativity there to survive, thrive and eventually make magnificent sand castles.

That’s one of the points Badonsky brings home about creativity – “despite rumors to the contrary, everyone has it.”  And she proceeds in her playful way, to bring the reader through the many elements of creativity that need to be addressed to “operate it often.”  She addresses State of Mind, Gizmos (or tools and mind tricks), Troubleshooting and Care & Maintenance.

In the Care & Maintenance chapter, you’ll enjoy a full year’s worth of creative prompts, ideas and games.  Out there on your desert island, you’re not going to have a tv, and only two other books to read and reread, so you’ll be very grateful you have “the muse” as Badonsky calls herself, to help you continually access your imagination and play creatively.  (Who knows maybe you’ll be able to create a coconut radio.)

Badonsky is an internationally recognized workshop leader, keynote speaker and creativity-coaching pioneer, illustrator and humorist.  As the founder and director of Kaizen-Muse Creativity coaching, she consults with filmmakers, comedians, artists, writers, business leaders and anyone who is experiencing procrastination and other blocks to positive changes.  Visit her at