So many of us know we’re creative… but then why can’t we always find our way to that well of ideas and images? We know we’re good at one part of the creative process – but why can’t we do the other? Is it more creative to have the ideas? Or to write the episodes, the chapters, the articles? We get jealous of other peoples’ artistry and question our own. 

This is where assessment can really help you see the truth of your own creativity. When I got my Masters in Creativity, we participated in nine creativity assessments. Little by little, I saw my own creativity in relief. And it was a relief to have my creativity validated, defined and amplified by my growing clarity and certainty.

That’s why I offer two of the best creativity assessments and coaching in my Creative Selfie program. You deserve to be aware of your genius gifts and learn how and where to accept help. Here’s some quotes from people who took the assessments. (I promised them anonymity):

I realized what I thought were weaknesses were actually strengths. There is POWER in awareness!

FourSight fundamentally shifted how I think of myself as a team member and enlightened me to others’ hot-buttons, aptitudes and needs.

I grew up with artists and musicians. Alternative thinking and spontaneous creativity were the norm.  I knew myself pretty well, before being categorized. It was interesting to see how the entire creative profile emerged… basically a blueprint of the author’s brain.

…on virtually all of these tests [I saw] how much I had compromised my own creativity over the course of my professional life. When I was on the road I likened my role to Winnie Mandela, the great conciliator. I did not assert my creativity so much as I made peace with a lot of battling egos. I do not know if I was necessarily happy with that role.

It was extremely helpful for next. It still is.

I hope this was helpful. Finding my creative truth changed my life. I’d like to change yours.  As I came to believe in myself, I went from:


Who am I?

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4 Clients & A Funeral, (c2010) Julia Roberts


I am the creativity coach for writers


4 Clients & A Funeral, (c2010) Julia Roberts

PS:  I still hope to have an office in a treehouse one day.