Are you living the life you thought you’d live?

When I was little, my mother left typewriters sitting around, with paper on the platen. (If you know the word platen, you’re probably a little old-fashioned. It’s the black rubbery cylinder that rolls a piece of paper into a typewriter.) She wanted us to be writers.

Maybe she didn’t realize, but it was because she was a blocked writer herself. And I don’t mean to make light of my mother’s struggle. She really wants to write. (Still.)

I was going to write the Great American Novel. (And I may still.) But it’s been a long and hard journey to understand how the heck my creativity works, and why it wasn’t letting me do what I envisioned.

If you met me, you’d know I’m creative. In fact, you probably would laugh heartily if you knew I doubted my creativity into my thirties and forties. I knew I was creative, but sometimes I wondered…

Is this thing on?

My creativity wasn’t doing for me what I wanted it to do.

Apparently, instead of teaching us to be writers, my mother had inadvertently taught us to be blocked writers.

And when I looked for answers, there seemed to be none. No one was helping writers with their mindset. No one seemed to have real information about how creativity worked.

If you had trouble getting yourself to write, or getting yourself to finish writing, then you weren’t a “writer.”

It took me 8 years, and I went through three training/certification/degree programs to get the help and understanding I needed.

  1. I became a certified life coach with Dr. Martha Beck.  And I relaxed. I got out of my head.
  2. I trained with Dr. Eric Maisel for creativity coaching. And I shifted my work to help writers.
  3. I got my Masters in Science in Creativity (yeah! that exists) at Buffalo State College. Pure satisfaction.

I want to share all that information with other writers. That’s whose voices I want to amplify, whose struggles I want to allay, whose creativity I want to boost.

Join me for a cool conversation about how your creativity works – and sometimes doesn’t.

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